Lauri Blouin, LMT Recover Through Touch Massage & Bodywork. Practicing in Keene since graduating from NEATS in 2007. Her specialty is deep tissue massage including Myofascial Release and Structural Integration techniques. These coupled with more subtle energy modalities allow her clients freedom of movement physically and relief from the stagnant emotional pains so many suffer with. Each session varies dependent upon what issues are brought to her table. Whether that’s a frozen shoulder treatment or a deep rooted emotional wound needing a safe place of healing. Most sessions involve a little of both. In recent years she’s had ongoing training in Native American Medicine with a Native Shaman and Lomi Lomi massage with a Hawaiian Big Kahuna. She is honored with and humbled by the many clients who’ve found healing with her for over a decade. “I enjoy getting to know my clients, their families, their joys and their sorrows” because of this Lauri is able to treat the “whole” person – Body, Mind and Spirit. Call or text (603) 313-2425 to schedule.